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    TARKUSSehe ich das richtig, dass das also eine 2CD+1DVD gibt ?

    So liest sich das bislang, ja. :sonne:

    Im Steve Hoffman Forum wird auch fleißig spekuliert.


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    Wäre toll wenn es auch eine Vinylausgabe der erweiterten Get Yer Ya Ya’s gäbe.


    How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?
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    Audio Fidelity 24 K
    Pretenders – Pretenders
    Grand Funk Railroad – We’re An American Band
    Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
    Vince Guaraldi – Greatest Hits
    Lynyrd Skynyrd – Second Helping
    John Mayall – Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton

    Doobie Brothers – Captain And Me
    Doobie Brothers – Takin‘ It To the Streets
    The Band – Cahoots
    The Band – Northern Lights-Southern Cross
    The Band – Rock of Ages

    MFSL 24 K
    Linda Ronstadt – Simple Dreams
    Little Feat – Waiting For Columbus
    Yes – Yes Album


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    BAUHAUS – „Omnibus Editions“ am 19.10.2009 (UK)

    In The Flat Field (2CD Omnibus Edition)

    Disc 1: In The Flat Field
    Double Dare
    In The Flat Field
    A God In An Alcove
    Spy In The Cab
    Small Talk Stinks
    St. Vitus Dance
    Stigmata Martyr

    Disc 2: Singles & Out-Takes
    Dark Entries (Single A Side)
    A God In An Alcove (Original Version)
    Untitled (Single B Side)
    Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Original Version)
    Telegram Sam (Original Version)
    Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Single B Side)
    Scopes (Single B Side)
    Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Southern Mix #2)
    Crowds (Single B Side)
    Dive (Alternate Mix)
    Spy In The Cab (Alternate Mix)
    Stigmata Martyr (Alternate Mix)
    Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores (Single B Side)
    Double Dare (Alternate Version / Mix #4)
    Telegram Sam

    Mask (3CD Omnibus Edition)

    Disc 1: Mask
    Hair Of The Dog
    The Passion Of Lovers
    Of Lilies And Remains
    Hollow Hills
    Kick In The Eye (2)
    In Fear Of Fear
    Muscle In Plastic
    The Man With X-Ray Eyes

    Disc 2: Singles & Out-Takes
    Kick In The Eye (Original Single Version A Side)
    Satori (Single B Side)
    In Fear Of Fear (Original Version)
    In Fear Of Dub
    Muscle In Plastic (Rough Mix Version)
    Dancing (Rough Mix Version)
    Hair Of The Dog (Rough Mix Version)
    Monkey (Poison Pen) (Rough Mix Version)
    Ziggy Stardust (Rough Demo Version)
    Earwax (Full Unedited Version)
    1-2-3-4 (Single B-Side)
    Muscle In Plastic (Rejected Album Mix)
    Hollow Hills (Rejected Album Mix)
    Hair Of The Dog (Rejected Album Mix)
    Poison Pen
    Kick In The Eye (Single Re-Mix Version)
    Dave And Danny’s Waspie Dub (# 2)

    Disc 3: This Is For When – Live
    This Is For When…
    The Passion Of Lovers
    In The Flat Field
    Silent Hedges
    In Fear Of Fear
    Terror Couple Kill Colonel
    The Man With X-Ray Eyes
    Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
    Hair Of The Dog
    Kick In The Eye
    A God In An Alcove
    Hollow Hills
    Stigmata Martyr
    Dark Entries
    Bela Lugosi’s Dead


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    Box Set (10CD)

    A new box set containing all 9 studio albums plus the EPs set – out 3 August on Domino Records-

    Domino are extremely proud to release the landmark recordings of Robert Wyatt – one of the most distinguished, visionary, influential and singular catalogues in contemporary music – as a box set. The set contains all 9 of Robert’s studio albums plus the eps set.

    Robert Wyatt albums in chronological order:

    Rock Bottom (1974)
    Continually, and rightly, regarded as an emotionally charged masterpiece Rock Bottom, like all truly great records, defines its own moonlit world. Defiantly graceful, listening to Rock Bottom is like being invited into another person’s consciousness: fluid, deep, mesmerising and utterly unique. An intense meditative song cycle recorded in difficult circumstances Rock Bottom adds another layer of meaning to the term soul music. Its influence on successive generations of musicians is almost as palpable as the influence it has had on anyone who has immersed themselves in its ever glowing, self-willing beauty.

    Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard (1975)
    Highlighting Wyatt’s interests in township arrangements and ensemble playing, made explicit by calling a track ‘Team Spirit’, RISTR inverts the inward meditations of Rock Bottom outwards. The result is a set that startles with its rhythmic instinct and shape shifting composition. Drawing on both Wyatt’s breezy way with a time signature, and his ability to use his voice as a truly resonant instrument, the record contains not so much songs as abstract chamber pieces that bathe and unfurl in a warmth and stillness of their own. As on Rock Bottom something in Wyatt’s character clearly inspires his contemporaries to play to their unknown strengths when collaborating with him, the result is an album of linear life-affirming pop experimentation.

    Nothing Can Stop Us (1981)
    Signing to Rough Trade in the early 80s, on the understanding from his former label Virgin that he wouldn’t release any LPs for a while, Wyatt released a series of singles of cover versions. The set was recorded with a straight, simple, beauty informed by the experience of geopolitics just as the term was being invented. ‘Arauco’ drew on the street ‘mass songs’ of a Chile protesting at the imminent arrival of Pinochet. ‘Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’” was a playful resurrection of a barbershop quartet that sincerely, and unbelievably, aligned the USA with the Soviet Union. Most startling of all was Wyatt’s version of Chic’s ‘At Last I Am Free’. Breathless and hymnal it gave pause for thought for anyone who liked to use the words personal and political in the same sentence. Ensuring the UK was represented in his survey of the New World Order, Wyatt paired a version of his old friend Ivor Cutler’s ‘Grass’ alongside a collaboration with the Bengali group Dishari that encouraged Bengali workers to join a trade union. Whilst his beard and directly to the left stance suggested agitprop and protest, these tracks highlighted his incredible gift as an interpreter of other people’s music and set his thoughts on contemporary politics in a highly considered and beautifully restrained context.

    Old Rottenhat (1985)
    Wyatt’s first LP in ten years arrived in the mid-80s and was unsurprisingly poignant in its analysis of the self-regarding destruction meted out by Thatcherism:
    “There’s people doing ‘frightfully well” there’s others on the shelf
    But never mind the second kind this is The Age Of Self”
    Despite the desolate and sombre nature of the subject matter of its songs Old Rottenhat has a steely sparkle at its heart. Played almost entirely by Wyatt himself, the record captures the sound of an artist in sel-imposed exile brimming with melodic purpose. Often setting his voice with echo against languorous synth drones, the record confirms Wyatt has a DNA that can’t help but achieve a sense of depth, grace and beauty. Overtly minimal, and in its use of refrain and lyrical simplicity, highly poetic, Old Rottenhat contrasts its very real sense of disappointment with the way things are with a determination to wonder at the strength of the human spirit. As Wyatt noted: “I never associated shouting at people with making the world a better place.”

    Dondestan Revisited (1991 / 1998)
    Originally released in 1991 Dondestan was remixed and reappraised in the studio in 1998 as Dondestan Revisited. Wyatt claimed he ‘ran out of words’ so by basing half of the album’s tracks on her beautifully fragmented lyrics, began a song writing collaboration with wife Alfie Benge that flourishes to this day.
    Unlike its predecessor, Dondestan also reunites Wyatt with the top half of the drum kit, which makes for typically inventive, lively and reflective accompaniment. Overall Dondestan is understated in feel and has the most fireside and introverted ambience of Wyatt’s recordings. Occasionally desolate in its subject matter and composition its rewards and textures are many when allowed to seep in. Most engaging of all is the sense of bloody mindedness that was revealing itself in Wyatt’s ability to make records when, how and about whatever he wanted; a modus operandi that coincided with his reputation as an artist of phenomenal integrity, modesty and compassion.

    Shleep (1997)
    Featuring long term collaborators and friends like Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera, Annie Whitehead, Evan Parker and newer accomplices such as Paul Weller, Shleep is as exuberating and immediate a record as Wyatt has ever recorded. Skipping along like the frustratingly evasive lambs he tries counting to encourage a good night’s sleep. Listening to Eno & Wyatt in unison on ‘Heaps of Shleep’’s series of elongated ‘Oahhh. Oahh, Oahhs’ may be as good as listening to music gets. Bristling with an energy and self-confidence Shleep adds a radiant sunshine to Wyatt’s customary warmth. Clearly delighting in the process of collaborating in the studio again, it’s a remarkable testament to Wyatt’s muse that a record inspired by insomnia should produce such welcoming and restful lullabies.

    EPS (1998)
    EPs rounds up various one off singles, soundtracks and EPs Wyatt recorded from 1974 onwards. Among the highlights are the two singles Wyatt cut that, although recorded nearly 10 years apart, thrust him into the spotlight and onto Top Of The Pops. His reading of The Monkees’ ‘I’m a Believer’ reached the top ten; sounding both buoyant and resigned, his voice soared blissfully across such pop material. On ‘Shipbuilding’, a song that will eternally strike a chord with the listener, Wyatt famously manages to sing a protest song with the kind of rapture you associate with altogether different subject matter – making the record twice as poignant and understatedly powerful in the process.
    Also included is the soundtrack to Animals which features the extraordinary ‘Pigs’, a version of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Biko’ and, equally direct in their purpose two love songs: ‘Te Recuerdo Amanda’ by the murdered Chilean songwriter Victor Jara and ‘Yolanda’ by the Cuban Pablo Milanes.

    Cuckooland (2003)
    Wyatt, on typically modest form in the liner notes to Cuckooland, insisted his voice was now „reduced to a wino’s mutter“. Possibly as beautiful and assuredly restrained as anything he has done, Cuckooland was at 75 minutes Wyatt’s longest work to date. After Brian Eno expressed concern about its length, Wyatt placed a half-minute break in the middle so people could go and put the kettle on. Such sentiments suggest cosiness. But in amongst its light-as-a feather brushstrokes and Wyatt’s own muted trumpet playing, is an ire and barely contained anger both at our inability to be humanitarian and the follies that get carried out in that word’s name. Now into his fifth decade of recording, Wyatt had done whatever is the polar opposite of mellowing. Hearing Wyatt combine such inspirational common sense thinking, with what was now his trademark intuitively baleful voice and beguiling arrangements, was to hear an artist at the height of their powers.

    Robert Wyatt & friends, Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8th September 1974 (2005)
    Convening something of a supergroup to play through Rock Bottom upon its release in 1974, the cast Wyatt assembled is testament both to the high regard he has always been held in – along with his natural ability to blur boundaries between such constraints as the mainstream and the avant-garde. Here the assorted heavyweights: Mike Oldfield and Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason lock with the avant jazz sensibilities of Mongezi Feza, Julie Tippetts and Fred Frith. The result is a glorious sound that frequently edges towards chaos and back with Wyatt’s scat falsetto soaring above proceedings like a dove. The Rock Bottom tracks take on a dreamy physical shape, ‘Alifi B’ starts with Wyatt miaowing before the band begin turning Drury Lane into the Fillmore West. Listening to Wyatt and Tippetts duetting on ‘I’m A Believer” as all hell breaks loose around them is to be transported into the front row to witness a very kind of Robert Wyatt magic.

    ‘Comicopera’ (2007)
    The 16 track ‘Comicopear’ was produced by Robert himself, and recorded at his home in Louth as well as Phil Manzanera’s Gallery Studio. ‚Comicopera‘ is divided into three Acts – ‚Lost in Noise‘, ‚The Here and The Now‘, and ‚Away with the Fairies‘, and is initially more diverse and live sounding than it’s predecessor ‚Cuckooland‘.


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    Double Down Live is a 2 DVD set from ZZ Top combining shows from 1980 and 2008. Disc one was filmed at the Grugahalle in Essen, Germany for the Rockpalast TV series. Hot on the heels of their classic “Deguello” album (it features 9 of the 10 songs from it) the show finds ZZ Top before sequencers and synthesizers epitomising their “lil’ ol’ blues band from Texas” nickname. Complimented by tracks drawn predominantly from their “Tres Hombres” and “Fandango!” albums this is a true best of ZZ Top in the seventies. Disc Two was shot during their European tour in 2008 and combines great live performances, interview clips and back stage footage to create the ultimate ZZ Top on the road movie. With nearly 30 years between the performances the two disc set gives a fascinating “then and now” insight into what has maintained the ZZ Top live phenomenon.

    Disc One – Definitely Then 1980
    1) I Thank You 2) Waitin’ For the Bus 3) Jesus Just Left Chicago 4) Precious And Grace 5) I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide 6) Manic Mechanic 7) Lowdown In The Street 8) Heard It On The X 9) Fool For Your Stockings 10) Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings 11) El Diablo 12) Cheap Sunglasses 13) Arrested For Driving While Blind 14) Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers 15) La Grange 16) She Loves My Automobile 17) Hi Fi Mama 18) Dust My Broom 19) Jailhouse Rock 20) Tush 21) Tube Snake Boogie 22) Just Got Paid

    Disc Two – Almost Now 2008
    1) Got Me Under Pressure 2) Waitin’ For The Bus 3) Jesus Just Left Chicago 4) I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide 5) Blue Jean Blues 6) Heard It On The X 7) Just Got Paid 8) I Need You Tonight 9) La Grange (with Sloppy Drunk & Bar-B-Q) 10) Hey Joe 11) Tush


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    wird (im September) von Beggars Banquet neu aufgelegt, sowohl als Expanded-Doppel-CD wie auch als „Omnibus Edition“ mit 4 CDs (Original Album Remastered, Singles, Demos, Live).

    The Expanded Edition is a 2 disc set and is packaged in a slim-line jewel case inside a card slipcase, with new notes by the journalist James Brown (ex-editor of GQ).

    Designed to cater for the more committed fan, the Omnibus Edition is presented as a limited edition 4 disc box set with the CD’s housed in Japanese-style paper sleeves, reproducing the original vinyl cover art. Along with the James Brown liner notes, the 48 page book features unseen contact sheets from the album photo session and a chronology of contemporaneous quotes by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy that illuminate the status of the band at that point in their career.

    Disc One LOVE
    Big Neon Glitter
    Brother Wolf; Sister Moon
    Hollow Man
    She Sells Sanctuary
    Black Angel

    Re-mastered from the original studio analogue tapes.

    “1985’s Love displayed a marked improvement over the Cult’s early material, and though it remains underappreciated in America (worldwide it was a smash), this exceptional record has actually aged better than the band’s more notorious (and equally important) releases: Electric and Sonic Temple. Equal parts psychedelic hard rock and new wave goth, the songs on Love emanate a bright guitar sheen, tight arrangements, crisp drumming, and a command performance from vocalist Ian Astbury, who as usual says a lot more with less than most singers. Overall, the album benefits from a wonderful sense of space, thanks in large part to guitarist Billy Duffy (who is much more subdued here than on future releases), whose restraint is especially notable on “Revolution” and the remarkably uncluttered title track. Duffy also provides compelling melodies (“Hollow Man,” “Revolution”), driving riffs (“Nirvana,” “The Phoenix”), and even a U2-like intro to “Big Neon Glitter.” Also on offer is the near-perfect “She Sells Sanctuary” and the smash hit “Rain,” quite possibly the band’s most appealing single ever. Considering the musical schizophrenia that would plague each subsequent Cult release, Love just may be the band’s purest moment.” – Eduardo Rivadavia – All Music Guide

    Disc Two SINGLES
    She Sells Sanctuary (Long Version)
    The Snake
    (Here Comes The) Rain
    Little Face
    Revolution (Full Length Remix)
    All Souls Avenue
    She Sells Sanctuary (Howling Mix)
    Assault On Sanctuary
    Featuring all the tracks from the album’s three singles which included extended versions of album cuts, remixes and non-album ‘B’ sides. This is the first time all these tracks have been presented together outside of the limited, Rare Cult box set released in 2000.

    Disc Three DEMOS
    Brother Wolf; Sister Moon
    Hollow Man
    She Sells Sanctuary
    All Souls Avenue
    Little Face
    No. 13
    Big Neon Glitter
    Waltz (Instrumental)
    Nirvana (Instrumental)
    Revolution (Instrumental)
    She Sells Sanctuary (Olympic Mix)

    Ten tracks were recorded in early 1985 as demos to play to potential producers. Mostly performed live in the studio, these raw versions are an insight into the genesis of the album and have never been released before. Additionally there is a bonus of a rough monitor mix from Olympic Studios of ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ before new vocals and a remix were completed at another studio.

    Disc Four 1985 LIVE
    Hollow Man
    Big Neon Glitter
    Brother Wolf; Sister Moon
    She Sells Sanctuary
    Go West
    Horse Nation

    Recorded on the Love UK tour by the BBC on 31 October at Hammersmith Odeon, London, this thirteen song set featured songs from the newly released Love album alongside established favourites from their debut release Dreamtime and earlier Death Cult days.

    Beides ist auch bereits bei gelistet, leider noch mit überhöhten Preisen, siehe:

    Preiswerter geht es aber auch schon bei jpc:

    Und beim 4CD-Set geht es (mit derzeit 20.99 EUR) noch preisgünstiger bei play:


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    Esoteric Records will be re-releasing Tony Banks‘ 1979 solo debut album on 19 October. The album will be available as a remixed single disc version as well as a deluxe edition with bonus DVD featuring a 5.1 mix of the album.

    Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the release of the album “A Curious Feeling” by GENESIS founder member and keyboard player TONY BANKS on Monday October 19th 2009. This classic album, inspired by the novel “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, was first released in October 1979 by Charisma Records. Recorded at Polar Studios in Stockholm, whilst Genesis were on a brief hiatus following the “And Then There Were Three” tour, this majestic work featured contributions from drummer CHESTER THOMPSON (a member of GENESIS for concert appearances) and vocalist KIM BEACON. Stylistically the album is equal to anything Banks composed for GENESIS and includes the instrumental “The Waters of Lethe” and the song “For a While” (also released as a single) among its highlights. Significantly, this new edition of “A Curious Feeling” has been remixed from the original master tapes by Nick Davis (who also remixed the entire GENESIS catalogue in 2007) and Tony Banks, resulting in a more dynamic sounding album. In addition, a new 5.1 Surround mix has also been prepared which is included on a limited 2 disc deluxe edition of “A Curious Feeling” along with the rare promotional videos of “For a While” and “The Waters of Lethe”. A top thirty hit album upon its release, these editions of “A Curious Feeling” are the definitive statements on the 1979 solo work by TONY BANKS and will be backed with a media campaign of interviews and features.


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    ELBOW – ASLEEP IN THE DARK (2CD/DVD Deluxe Edition Set)

    A hugely expanded version of Elbow’s debut album. Comes with a second disc of bonus tracks including live. Disc 3 is a DVD with masses of unreleased video clips and tracks recorded live at the Astoria.

    Track Listing
    Disc 1
    1. any day now album version
    2. red album version
    3. little beast album version
    4. powder blue album version
    5. bitten by the tail fly album version
    6. asleep in the back album version
    7. newborn album version
    8. don’t mix your drinks album version
    9. presuming ed album version
    10. coming second album version
    11. can’t stop album version
    12. scattered black and whites album version

    Disc 2
    1. Powder Blue Noisebox EP Version
    2. Red Noisebox EP Version
    3. Theme From Munroe Kelly Noizebox EP Version
    4. Can’t Stop Noisebox EP Version
    5. Bitten By The Tail Fly Live At the Astoria
    6. Coming Second Live at the Astoria
    7. Don’t Mix Your Drinks Live at the Astoria
    8. Can’t Stop Live at the Astoria
    9. Scattered Black and Whites Live at the Astoria
    10. George Lassoes The Moon Live at the Astoria
    11. Newborn Radio 1 Lamacq Session Previously unreleased
    12. Don’t Mix Your Drinks Radio 1 Lamacq Session Previously Unreleased
    13. Red Radio 1 Lamacq Session Previously Unreleased

    Disc 3
    1. Any Day Now Previously Unreleased Video
    2. Red Previously Unreleased Video
    3. Little Beast Previously Unreleased Video
    4. Powder Blue Previously Unreleased Video
    5. Bitten By The Tail Fly Previously Unreleased Video
    6. Asleep In The Back Previously Unreleased Video
    7. Newborn Previously Unreleased Video
    8. Don’t Mix Your Drinks Previously Unreleased Video
    9. Presuming Ed (Rest Easy) Previously Unreleased Video
    10. Coming Second Previously Unreleased Video
    11. Can’t Stop Previously Unreleased Video
    12. Scattered Black and Whites Previuously Unreleased Video
    13. Powder Blue Noisebox EP Version
    14. Red Noisebox EP Version
    15. Theme From Munroe Kelly Noizebox EP Version
    16. Can’t Stop Noisebox EP Version
    17. Bitten By The Tail Fly Live At the Astoria
    18. Coming Second Live at the Astoria
    19. Don’t Mix Your Drinks Live at the Astoria
    20. Can’t Stop Live at the Astoria
    21. Scattered Black and Whites Live at the Astoria
    22. George Lassoes The Moon Live at the Astoria
    23. Newborn Radio 1 Lamacq Session Previously unreleased
    24. Don’t Mix Your Drinks Radio 1 Lamacq Session Previously Unreleased
    25. Red Radio 1 Lamacq Session Previously Unreleased


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    Release Date: 31 Aug 2009 (UK)
    Label: EMI
    Format: CD (two)

    An expanded edition of their classic 1980 live album. Now comprising of 2 discs, Play + features their 1980 Melbourne Festival Hall gig in its entirety for the first time and a bonus disc of their Buzzcocks double header 1979 Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall show, which is all also previously unreleased.

    CD1 – Live at Melbourne Festival Hall, 6th September 1980
    1. Feed The Enemy*
    2. Give Me Everything
    3. A Song From Under The Floorboards
    4. Permafrost
    5. The Light Pours Out Of Me
    6. Model Worker
    7. Parade
    8. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
    9. Because You’re Frightened
    10. Shot By Both Sides*
    11. Twenty Years Ago
    12. Definitive Gaze

    CD2 – Live at Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall, 21st July 1978
    1. Definitive Gaze*
    2. Touch And Go*
    3. Burst*
    4. The Light Pours Out Of Me*
    5. My Tulpa*
    6. Shot By Both Sides*
    7. Give Me Everything*
    8. Big Dummy*
    9. My Mind Ain’t So Open*



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    Duran Duran – Rio

    Release date: 7th Sept 2009 (UK)/ 22nd Sept 2009 (US)
    EMI is proud to announce the release of a 2-CD and Vinyl Special Edition of Duran Duran’s classic 1982 album, ‘Rio’, and a previously-unreleased live DVD/CD concert, ‘Live At Hammersmith ‘82!’

    ‘Rio’ was Duran Duran’s second album and is as representative of the 1980s as it gets, at its best. A fusion of style and substance ensures that even two decades after its release it remains as listenable and danceable as ever. Through the sheer quality of its singles – Rio, Hungry Like The Wolf, Save A Prayer – and their accompanying, ground-breaking videos – which were heavily rotated on MTV – ‘Rio’ saw the band break the U.S., with the album spending a staggering 129 weeks on the Billboard 200 Chart.
    The ‘Rio’ 2 CD Special Edition is made up of the UK release of the album, the original U.S. album remixes (enabling U.S. listeners to programme their CD to be able to listen to the original version), EMI Manchester Square demos, B-Sides, remixes and other surprises (see below for tracklisting).
    The digital download version has 2 extra tracks.

    The LP & 12” vinyl special edition is the original UK album on LP and US album remixes on the 12”.

    LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH 82! is a much anticipated release among followers of the band. Previously unreleased, it will come as a double DVD and CD pack, allowing fans to both enjoy the visual spectacle of the concert and CD audio, too. Filmed and recorded in the latter part of 1982 as Duranmania was sweeping the UK, the performance at London’s Hammersmith Odeon includes ‘Rio’, ‘Hungry like the Wolf’, ‘Girls on Film’, fan favourite ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)’ and more. The release also includes ‘Rio’ era videos and two previously unreleased ‘Top of the Pops’ performances. The concert is also available as an audio digital download.


    Duran Duran: Rio (2 CD Special Edition)
    CD 1:
    Original UK album – released May 1982
    1. Rio
    2. My Own Way
    3. Lonely In Your Nightmare
    4. Hungry Like The Wolf
    5. Hold Back The Rain
    6. New Religion
    7. Last Chance On The Stairway
    8. Save A Prayer
    9. The Chauffeur
    Original US album mixes released on Harvest/Capitol – released November 1982
    10. Rio (US album remix)
    11. My Own Way (Carnival remix)
    12. Lonely In Your Nightmare (US album remix)
    13. Hungry Like The Wolf (US album remix)
    14. Hold Back The Rain (US album remix)

    CD 2:
    The Manchester Square demos (recorded 28th August 1981):
    1. Last Chance On The Stairway
    2. My Own Way
    3. New Religion
    4. Like An Angel
    Non-album singles and b-sides:
    5. My Own Way (original 7” version. UK single a-side released November 1981)
    6. Like An Angel (UK single b-side released November 1981)
    7. Careless Memories (live. UK single b-side released May 1982)
    8. The Chauffeur (Blue Silver – early version. UK single b-side released November 1982)
    Versions & Mixes:
    9. My Own Way (Night version – UK 12″ single a-side released November 1981)
    10. Hungry Like The Wolf (Night version – UK 12″ single A side released May 1982)
    11. Rio (Night version – Dutch 12″ Carnival E.P. released September 1982)
    12. New Religion (Carnival remix – Japanese 12″ Carnival E.P. released September 1982)
    13. Hold Back The Rain (Carnival remix – US 12″ Carnival E.P. released September 1982)

    *Digital only extras:
    14/My Own Way (Instrumental version) (6.32)
    15/Hold Back The Rain (Alternate remix) (6.38)

    Original UK album on heavyweight Vinyl
    Side 1:
    1/ Rio
    2/ My Own Way
    3/ Lonely In Your Nightmare
    4/ Hungry Like The Wolf
    5/ Hold Back The Rain
    Side 2:
    1/ New Religion
    2/ Last Chance On The Stairway
    3/ Save A Prayer
    4/ The Chauffeur

    Original US album mixes on heavyweight 12”
    Side 1:
    1/ Rio (US album remix)
    2/ My Own Way (Carnival remix)
    3/ Lonely In Your Nightmare (US album remix)
    Side 2:
    1/ Hungry Like The Wolf (US album remix)
    2/ Hold Back The Rain (US album remix)

    DVD/CD: Live at Hammersmith ’82

    Hungry Like The Wolf
    Night Boat
    New Religion
    Save A Prayer
    Planet Earth
    Friends Of Mine
    Careless Memories
    Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
    Girls On Film
    Rio era videos –
    My Own Way
    Hungry Like The Wolf
    Save A Prayer
    Lonely In Your Nightmare
    The Chauffeur
    Top Of The Pops Performances:
    Hungry Like The Wolf (May 13th, 1982)
    Rio (November 18th, 1982)

    Hungry Like The Wolf
    Night Boat
    New Religion
    Save A Prayer
    Planet Earth
    Friends Of Mine
    Careless Memories
    Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
    Girls On Film

    DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Live at Hammersmith ’82
    Hungry Like The Wolf
    Night Boat
    New Religion
    Save A Prayer
    Planet Earth
    Friends Of Mine
    Careless Memories
    Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
    Girls On Film


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    Black Sabbath Vol.4
    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    Technical Ecstasy
    Never Say Die

    newly remastered by Andy Pearce

    Vö: 21.9.

    PS: Es sind wegen rechtl. Probleme keine Deluxe Editions


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    Release Date: 7 Sep 2009
    Label: ECM
    Format: CD (four box set)

    ECM is to issue a box set of Gary Burton and Chick Corea’s Crystal Silence: The ECM Recordings, 1972-79 a four-CD set on 7 September. The box brings together the influential and bestselling 1972 album Crystal Silence, along with the Grammy-winning Duet (recorded in 1978) and In Concert, Zürich, October 28, 1979. Two live selections, ‘I’m Your Pal/Hullo Bolinas’ and ‘Love Castle’, appear on CD for the first time in this collection. „This 1973 album of piano and vibraphone duets helped to put ECM Records on the map. Others might trace a line that began here and led to the wallpaper monotony of new age music. But Burton and Corea can’t be held responsible for that. CRYSTAL SILENCE is filled with invention, surprise, humor, sadness, and tremendous verve. The interplay is perfect–the two instruments dance around one another and merge into a single voice. It also helps that the material is equal to these two fine players, always spurring them on. There are five pieces by Corea, three more by bass player Steve Swallow (who worked with Burton through most of the sixties), and one by British composer Michael Gibbs. What is most striking is the manner in which a melody can start on one instrument and then continue on the other. They pass themes and embellishments back and forth with the ease of a weaver. This is an exceptional album of great beauty“


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    MacClausEs sind wegen rechtl. Probleme keine Deluxe Editions



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