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    jedes jahr die gleich dumme arbeit…aber spass machts

    hier sind meine top 100 2002.
    meine favourites 2002!!!

    ja pink folyd ist nicht 2002 erschiene, aber es geht auch nicht um songs die 2002 erschienen sind, sondern die mir heuer im ohr gelegen sind!

    O1 coldplay- the scientist
    02 haven- say something
    03 u2- electrical storm
    04 doves- there goes the fear
    05 oasis- little by little
    06 max hecker- polyster
    07 phantom planet- california
    08 idlewild- you held the world in your arms
    09 the dandy warhols- bohemian like you
    10 coldplay- a rush of blood to the head
    11 idlewild- american english
    12 saybia- the day after tomorrow
    13 the hives- hate to say i told you so
    14 jimmy eat world- a praise chorus
    15 paul weller- one x one
    16 u2- in a little while
    17 oasis- the hindu times
    18 oasis- idlers dream
    19 u2- walk on
    20 lifehouse- sick cycle carousel
    21 oasis- songbird
    22 doves- pounding
    23 oasis- shout it out loud
    24 the libertines- what a waster
    25 ben folds- annie waits
    26 hyperchild- goodbye
    27 u2- stay (far away, so close)
    28 vega 4- drifting away violently
    29 phantom planet- she’s always on my mind
    30 richard ashcroft- check the meaning
    31 oasis- stop crying your heart out
    32 pete yorn- just another
    33 stereophonics- handbags and gladrags
    34 phantom planet- anthem
    35 rem- electrolyte
    36 oasis- whatever
    37 nelly furtado- shit on the radio
    38 oasis- force of nature
    39 red hot chili peppers- by the way
    40 coldplay- in my place
    41 manic street preachers- there by the grace of god
    42 beck- lost cause
    43 black rebel motorcylce club- spread your love
    44 jimmy eat world- authority song
    45 alanis morissette- thank you
    46 eskobar- someone new
    47 creed- my sacrifice
    48 richard ashcroft- new york
    49 kent- socker
    50 u2- the fly
    51 saybia- the second you sleep
    52 kula shaker- tattva
    53 ryan adams-la cienega just smiled
    54 u2- kite
    55 the soundtrack of our lives- nevermore
    56 remy zero- save me
    57 starsailor- way to fall
    58 the strokes- last nite
    59 u2- bad
    60 powderfinger- the metre
    61 9 days- so far away
    62 pink floyd- wish you where here
    63 u2- wake up dead man
    64 the monkees- daydream believer
    65 jimmy eat world- lucky denver mint
    66 9 days- bitter
    67 the notwist- pick up the phone
    68 sugar ray- answer the phone
    69 red hot chili peppers- tear
    70 the ark- beauty is the beast
    71 the libertines- up the bracket
    72 doves- last broadcast
    73 oasis- born on a different cloud
    74 red hot chili peppers- can’t stop
    75 tocotronic- hi freaks!
    76 kent- heavenly junkies
    77 coldplay- spies
    78 u2- beautiful day
    79 slut- it was easier
    80 rem- sweetness follows
    81 oasis- morning glory
    82 u2- elevation
    83 embrace- over
    84 keit caputo- razzberry muck
    85 oasis- carry us all
    86 tori amos- a sorta fairytiale
    87 coldpaly- politik
    88 manic street preachers- kevin carter
    89 kristofer aström- major hombre
    90 max hecker- white
    91 the coral- dreaming of you
    92 seafood- like a desert strechted before the sun
    93 david gray- be mine
    94 lifehouse- everything
    95 black rebel motorcylcel club- love burns
    96 kent- stop me june
    97 sheryl crow- everday is a winding road
    98 oasis- my big mouth
    99 jimmy eat world- sweetness
    100 slut- teardrops


    kann mich bitte jemand löschen, dass forum hier stinkt erbärmlich.
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    Die meisten Männer können nur nicht so perfekt unterdrücken, wie die Frauen es gerne hätten.
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    Ooh, fishie, ich sehe gerade zufällig diese Liste. Schwierig.

    Das wird selbst mir zu viel, sooo was zu fabrizieren, besonders weil da alte und neue Songs kunterbunt vermischt sind.
    Mit einer eigenen Positionierung kann ich nicht weiter helfen… :-( :roll:


    Jetzt schon 62 Jahre Rock 'n' Roll
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