10 Townes Van Zandt Songs

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    This charming man

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    Greatest Townes-Songs:

    1. „Kathleen“
    2. „Pancho & Lefty“
    3. „Rake“
    4. „Snow Don’t Fall“
    5. „Waiting Around To Die“
    6. „Marie“
    7. „The Hole“
    8. „Tecumseh Valley“
    9. „Lungs“


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    Pancho & Lefty
    Snow Don’t Fall
    To Live Is To Fly
    I´ll Be Here In The Morning
    Waiting Around To Die
    If I Needed You
    The Hole


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    Meine 5 guten Townes-Songs:
    + Dollar Bill Blues
    + Kathleen
    + Why she´s acting this way
    + Tecumseh Valley
    + Flyin´ Shoes


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    Silver Rider

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    Schwer, sich bei ihm auf 10 Songs zu beschränken, aber momentan sind das meine Favoriten:

    1. Waitin‘ Round to Die
    „Now I’m out of prison, I got me a friend at last
    He don’t drink or steal or cheat or lie
    His name’s Codeine, he’s the nicest thing I’ve seen
    Together we’re gonna wait around and die“

    2. The Hole
    „I’ve come too far and I can’t get back
    I besieged all the gods of man
    But all I heard were them laugh at me
    And then silence once again“

    3. Tecumseh Valley
    „The name she gave was Caroline
    The daughter of a miner
    Her ways were free and it seemed to me
    Sunshine walked beside her“

    4. Marie
    „She’s got some pain and she thinks it’s a baby
    Says we gotta wait and see
    In my heart I know it’s a little boy
    Hope he don’t end up like me“

    5. To Live’s to Fly
    „Livin’s mostly wastin‘ time
    And I waste my share of mine
    But it never feels too good
    So let’s don’t take too long“

    6. Rake
    „Well, I used to wake and run with the moon
    I lived like a rakin‘ young man
    I covered my lovers with flowers and wounds
    My laughter the devil would frighten“

    7. Flyin‘ Shoes
    „The mountain moon
    Forever sets too soon
    Being alone
    Is all the hills can do“

    8. Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold
    „Here is what this story’s told
    You feel like Mudd, you’ll end up Gold
    You feel like lost, you’ll end up found
    So amigos lay those raises down“

    9. Kathleen
    „Plain to see the sun won’t shine today
    But I ain’t in the mood for sunshine anyway
    Maybe I’ll go insane
    I got to stop the pain
    Maybe I’ll go down and see Kathleen“

    10. Nothin‘
    „Sorrow and solitude
    These are the precious things
    And the only words
    That are worth rememberin'“


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    Oo and Drums

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    Our Mother The Mountain
    Tower Song
    Come Tomorrow
    Pancho & Lefty
    Waiting Around To Die
    Flyin‘ Shoes
    To Live Is To Fly

    I’ll Be Here In The Morning
    Quicksilver Daydreams Of Maria
    Tecumseh Valley
    Snake Mountain Blues
    Be Here To Love Me
    Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel
    16 Summers 15 Falls
    If I Needed You
    Like A Thummer Thursday

    Unmöglich auf 10 zu beschränken…


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    01. The Hole
    02. Marie
    03. Waitin´ Round To Die
    04. Snake Song
    05. To Live´s To Fly
    06. Flyin´ Shoes
    07. Lungs
    08. Tecumseh Valley
    09. If I Was Washington
    10. Kathleen


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    1. Marie (im Duett mit Willie Nelson)
    2. Waitin around to die
    3. Kathleen
    4. The hole
    5. Flying shoes
    6. Rake
    7. Snake song
    8. Pancho and lefty
    9. Dollar bill blues
    10.Silver ships of Andilar


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    Cookie Pusher

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    01. You are not needed now
    02. Kathleen
    03. Waitin‘ around to die
    04. Flyin‘ shoes
    05. Rake
    06. Highway kind
    07. Nothin‘
    08. Lungs
    09. If I needed you
    10. Snake song


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    Schöne Auswahl von euch beiden, schön dass Highway Kind bzw. Silver Ships mal zu lesen sind, sieht man ja eher selten


    and now we rise and we are everywhere
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    1. „None But The Rain“
    2. „Kathleen“
    3. „Rake“
    4. „Pancho & Lefty“
    5. „To Live Is To Fly“
    6. „Waiting Around To Die“
    7. „Nothin'“
    8. „Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel“
    9. „St. John The Gambler“

    11. „Flyin‘ Shoes“
    12. „Snow Don’t Fall“
    13. „At My Window“
    14. „You Are Not Needed Now“
    15. „Second Lover’s Song“
    16. „Tower Song“
    17. „Silver Ships Of Andilar“
    18. „Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold“
    19. „Rex Blues“
    20. „Two Girls“

    Fällt mir unheimlich schwer, Songs wie „For The Sake Of The Song“, „Marie“, „Dollar Bill Blues“ oder „No Place To Fall“ draußen zu lassen. Alle erstklassig


    and now we rise and we are everywhere
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    1. Lungs
    2. Kathleen
    3. If I Needed You
    4. Tower Song
    5. Rake
    6. The Hole
    7. Waiting Around To Die
    8. Snow Don’t Fall
    9. Pancho & Lefty
    10. To Live Is To Fly

    Dann „Rex’s Blues“ und „None But The Rain“.


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    1. For the Sake of the Song
    2. Kathleen
    3. Rake
    4. Only Him or Me
    5. Our Mother the Mountain
    6. St. John the Gambler
    7. Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel
    8. Pancho and Lefty
    9. Lungs
    10. High, Low and In Between


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    1.) Tower Song ( A FAR CRY FROM DEAD…ausdrucksstärker gesungen als die Originalversionen und nicht überproduziert) —> trauriger geht nicht, was für ein Text

    2.) Waitin‘ around to die (A FAR CRY FROM DEAD Version…und Originalversion auf FOR THE SAKE OF THE SONG) —> …habe eine Liveversion mit Violine ausm Netz, auch wunderbar

    3.) Tecumsee Valley —> Version FOR THE SAKE OF THE SONG

    4.) None but the rain —> so schön

    5.) Highway kind —>unfassbar trocken, ernüchternd und schonungslos

    6.) KAthleen —>wunderbar produziert, auch die Akustik Version aus dem alten Quartier ist großartig

    7.) Like a summer’s thursday

    8.) Seconds lover’s song

    9.) MAny a fine lady —>our sorrows were heavy and our laughter were slow



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    1. Tecumseh Valley
    2. Kathleen
    3. Pancho & Lefty
    4. Snow Don’t Fall
    5. Waiting Around To Die
    6. Tower Song
    7. My Proud Mountains
    8. Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel
    9. Rake
    10. When She Don’t Need Me


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    01 Kathleen
    02 Rake
    03 Tower Song
    04 Like A Summer Thursday
    05 Don’t Take It Too Bad
    06 Colorado Girl
    07 Come Tomorrow
    08 Delt Momma Blues
    09 Second Lovers Song
    10 Waitin‘ Around To Die


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